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Despite the challenges that the skateboarding game has faced, skaters in San Diego have managed to bear the storms and make a name for themselves.

Here are some of the famous skateboarders that began their career in San Diego:

Tony Hawk

Tony Hawn who was brought up in San Diego was regarded as the best skateboarder worldwide. X-Games that were held in 1998, he got 4 540s at once, which is among the greatest skateboarding runs.

By 1998, he had emerged the winner in the National Skateboard Association global championships 12 times.Within that time, he had pioneered over 50 skateboarding tricks. In 1999, Tony Hawk completed his first frontside 900, 2 ½ mid-air revolution.

Tony takes after his father and when he was only 21, he won the Skateboard’s Amateur of the Year award.

Pattie McGee

Pattie McGee was the first woman to win the National Skateboard Championships in 1965. As a result, she appeared on Life and Skateboarder’s magazine’s cover.

Pattie was the first female to in the Skateboarding Hall of Fame. She set the female speed skateboarding record at 47 mph.

Shaun White

Though Shaun is famous in snowboarding, he has also received recognition in skateboarding. He was mentored by Tony in his young age and at 17 years, he became a pro in skateboarding.

He has won various skateboarding matches such as the Dew Action Sports Tour Right Guard Open, Winter X Games, and Action Sports Tour Champion.

He is recognized as the only skateboarder to undertake a front side heelflip 540’s body varial.

Danny Way

Danny way started his skateboarding career in the 1980s and became popular for going on the extreme with his skateboarding stunts. He won his first contest when he was only 11 and in 1997, he set the global record for the biggest air kickflip.

He is also the first skateboarder drop from a helicopter and into a ramp.

There are other famous skateboarders in San Diego such as Danny Bearer, Bruce Logan, Mark Richards, and Torger.