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Skateboarding is a great sport that anyone, young or old can engage in. When in San Diego, there are various spots that you will be able to enjoy your skating experience.

Some of the best spots you can access are listed below:

Washington Street Skate Park

This is a park managed by skaters who are dedicated to making anyone who comes to skateboard here enjoy his stay. You will not pay an upfront cost and you will not be required to have pads or a helmet.

There is adequate parking and since it is under the pacific highway, you can skate in any weather condition. It is required that you act responsibly when using the park as the people who maintain it are volunteers.

Krause Family Skate Park

This is a well-managed park where an office has been set for parents to rest when their children are enjoying their skating. You will be able to access the park between 2pm and 7pm on weekdays and between 11am and 7.30 pm on weekends.

There is a membership fee of $30 after which you will be able to use the park at a cost of $5 per session. If you do not wish to pay a membership fee, you will pay $10 per session.


This is a free skateboarding park that has been a free public park since 2000. The park can be accessed from 10am to dusk every day which makes it very convenient for skaters.

There is a high number of pros that have come up from this park which makes it one of the most reputable parks.

Linda Vista Skate Park

This is the largest skating park in San Diego that consists of a street plaza, ditch run, flow bowl, backyard bowl, and a snake run. You will love the natural landscape on which the park stands which will boost your mood when skating.

The park is free and you can access it at any time of the day or night.

If you love skating, you will have a wide choice of skating spots to choose from. Whether you need to access the free parks or parks where you will pay a membership fee, the choice is in your hands.