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Where to Buy Skateboards in San Diego

If you are new in San Diego or want to kick-start your skating career, here are the best skateboard shops in San Diego

How to save money on medical expenses as a skateboarder in San Diego

Skateboarding is a great sport and recreational activity which is hugely popular. However, it is also a very dangerous one since it involves performing tricks on a skateboard. Many of the those tricks often result in going badly and the person winds up hurt. Skateboarders suffer broken bones and other injuries to the body. If that wasn’t bad enough, they also tend to fall on their faces. When that happens, a tooth or two is often lost, chipped or damaged.

Because of that and other reasons, each and any person who gets on a skateboard, should have health insurance. Unfortunately, too many skaters don’t bother getting health insurance or any coverage until it is too late. In turn, their medical expenses can be astronomical in some cases. More so for those who have no insurance or coverage. Anyone who aspires to be a pro skater or does so frequently, should consider getting some form of health insurance.

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Best Spots to Skateboard in San Diego

Best Spots to Skateboard in San Diego

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Where to Buy Skateboards in San Diego

If you are new in San Diego or want to kick-start your skating career, here are the best skateboard shops in San Diego: Pacific Drive Pacific Drive is a skating shop where you will access great skateboards and other gears as well. There is a wide variety to choose...

Regrettably, many may look at advice such as this as some form of marketing ploy or push to sell health coverage. But if you speak to pro skaters or those who skate often, you could see things differently. That’s because most of them found out the hard way how expensive the aftermath of a skateboarding trick gone bad can be; especially if you have no health insurance. For example, losing a tooth is one of the most frequent injuries that happens to skaters. Yet having one or more teeth fixed or replaced can be costly. Getting cosmetic dentistry done requires using an expert dentist.


In San Diego, California, there are hundreds of thousands of skateboarders. You also have tons of superior San Diego dentists to choose from. But if a person does not have the proper coverage, they could end up shelling out a few hundred dollars or more for a chipped, lost or damaged tooth. Worse case scenario is losing more than one tooth or needing extensive oral surgery. Yet most people don’t think of needing health insurance until it is too late. It is sort of the same way folks don’t bother to get an alarm system installed in their homes until after a break in. Of course the huge difference is that skaters put themselves in situations where they face high-risk situations.

Ultimately, using a preemptive strategy is the only way to avoid expensive medical bills. That means protecting yourself financially and physically. Otherwise, you can finish with broken bones, missing teeth and huge medical expense bills.

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